In Italy Ortodonzia Estense is the TRIOS Ready orthodontics lab

that can accommodate your needs


As TRIOS Ready lab we are an orthodontics lab certified and fully prepared to receive and handle digital impressions

sent from orthodontic clinics using the 3Shape TRIOS® solution.


Our lab can offer to your orthodontic clinic all the certified services:

  • Model Manufacturing Services
  • Treatment Proposal Services
  • Full Digital Appliance Services

If you want to work with us, copy our lab’s email address as displayed here: stefano@ortodonziaestense.it

and use it to connect through 3shape Communicate™.

Want to know more about 3Shape Communicate? Click here.


Ortodonzia Estense Srl - Laboratorio Ortodontico Specializzato

Centro Direzionale Zenith - Via Marcello Tassini, 4 Int. 2 - 44123 Ferrara

tel. 0532 742255 - P.IVA 01832160384


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